Support Services

Administrative Services

The Administrative Services Section, headed by Acting Deputy Chief Brian Kanzaki, is responsible for Open Records dissemination and preparation of the annual budget.


The Personnel Section is responsible for all personnel-related administrative activities, including civil service administration, payroll, workers' compensation coordination, and record retention.


Our Recruiting Section is responsible for the recruitment and hiring of new firefighters, as well as the coordination of proper honors for those firefighters who retire and leave the department. Great effort is made to select, hire, and retain highly motivated and qualified personnel to ensure the best possible delivery of all services, both emergency and non-emergency.

Community Outreach & Education

The Community Outreach & Education Section coordinates efforts to deliver a varied list of programs and information to the citizens of Plano to ensure they have the resources to live as safely as possible. Public fire and life safety education is the department's major vehicle for increasing community awareness and the department's visibility within the community through the administration of programs, classes, and direct participation in community events. These include public CPR classes, a Citizens Fire Academy, fire station tours, and firefighter school visits. Our Community Outreach & Education Captain also serves as the Public Information Officer (PIO) to the local media.